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A look behind the curtain.

Giesen & Forsthoff is a manufacturer of the old traditional Solingen craftsmanship. Since 1920 fine quality products are being manufactured in the same location. The products are offered in a variety of different materials and qualities. The following listing only gives you a small look behind the curtain - get inspired.

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Silberspitz shaving brushes

New by G&F

The Timor® shaving brush SILBERSPITZ made by Giesen & Forsthoff, Solingen –for the perfect shave, every day. Finest imitation badger hair helps the lather to work into the skin very easily. The quality hair dries quickly, which makes the brush so much easier to maintain than a real silvertip badger.
Comes along with a brush stand made of clear plastic. Different handles and sizes available. Made in the EU.

Swap 'n Shave

Available now.

Swap’n Shave – our new replaceable blade straight razor with stainless steel, satin-finished handles is our now. Comes with 2 plastic inserts for DEB blades as well as 62 mm long blades. Supplied in a plastic pouch with 1 Timor® DEB blade. Suitable for the professional barber and hairstylist, or for daily use at home. No stropping needed, always hygienic.

Gentle(men) line

Be gentle!

Our latest safety razor line leaves nothing to be desired for demanding customers, who are looking for an uncomplicated access to the world of wet shaving. The variety of shaving heads (Butterfly- and 3-piece-systems) and a wide choice of handles, made of stainless steel or coloured resin elements, give the Gentle Shaver a personal touch. Price conscious – quality conscious. The Gentle shaver line is constantly updated to new ideas and products. Stay in touch!


Perfect tool for a classic shave.

Our handcrafted straight razors, made by our professional craftsmen in Solingen, are not only professional tools for barbers, but also collector’s pieces. Available in high-class carbon steel or easy-to-maintain stainless steel and various blade shapes and sizes from 4/8 to 6/8 inch. The full hollow, hand-grinded blades are enriched with traditional etchings and partly gold-plated stands for the highest quality and craftsmanship. Besides the different designs of blades, we offer a variety of wooden-, celluloid- and handles made of Titanium and Stainless-Steel. Design matching shaving items are also available.

The G&F Safety Razor

A niece masterpiece.

G&F shaving products do have a long tradition and enjoy a good reputation worldwide. We offer our high quality Safety Razors in a variety of different designs. Assembly your own safety Razors out of 2 different Shaving heads (closed comb and open comb) and a selection of the handle lengths (80 mm and 100 mm). In point of different materials we offer you either, stainless steel, wooden handles (ie. Oak, Olive, American Nut Wood, Padouk, Ebonywood and Wenge). 100% German Quality – 100% G&F. For the Safety Razors you get the Timor® DEB Blades, for a pleasant and clean shave.

The G&F Manicure Set

A good companion wherever you go.

Quality Manicure items von G&F have a good reputation worldwide. Whether with 3-, 5- or 7- implements – our sets are at home and abroad- functional and durable. We offer 4 different quality lines of implements, starting off with a high class quality in stainless steel with a glass nail file to an Economy Line in stainless steel as well. You have a choice of different combinations, to form you own manicure set. A large selection of different leather cases are available in black or different colours. The latest edition is the G&F Vintage Set. For information please refer to our products page. We would be pleased to offer you the complete range.

The G&F Pocket-knife

Handy, with maximum grip

The popular Pocket-knives have been updated over the years and are great for use in the garden, household or office. The 8 cm, stainless-steel lockable blade, with a black rubber handle stands for good handling and best price-performance ratio. The pocket-knife comes with a 2-tone black/grey nylon-pouch with belt loop.

Traditional paring and cutting knives made by G&F

Classic shape with a modern twist

Paring knives can be found in any kitchen – this one has modern shaped wooden handles, made of olivewood, plumwood or hornbeam. The stainless steel blades are available in two different shapes – a straight blade for cutting vegetables or fruit, and a beak-shaped blade which is ideal for any peeling. Get convinced by these traditional small kitchen knives, which are essential in any kitchen drawer.

G&F Bit-Tool

Unique – 100% custom Made

There are plenty Multifunction-tools. However, our 10 parts tool, together with the 9 Bit Inserts (in S2 hardened quality), is the best partner in daily life. Instrumentation of the Multi-Tool: Pliers with cable cutter, steel-file, tin-opener, small screw-driver, saw, large blade, bottle-opener with screw-driver, hexagon-screw-driver (identical with bit-holder), small ruler; instrumentation of Bits: 2 Torxx
T30 and T40, 1 screw-diver, 3 hexagon-screw-drivers (small, medium and large), 3 hexagon heads in 4,5 and 6. Because of the high quality of the Tool, our Bit-Tool is available from certain MOQ onwards. It can be produced in different colours and comes in a belt-loop nylon-pouch. 100% customs. Please let us have your ideas/requirements.